Dear Parents With Young Children in Church

You are doing something really, really important. I know it's not easy. I see you with your arms overflowing, and I know you came to church already tired. Parenting is tiring. Really tiring.

watch you bounce and sway trying to keep the baby quiet, juggling the infant car seat and the diaper bag as you find a seat. I see you wince as your child cries. I see you anxiously pull things out of your bag of tricks to try to quiet them. click here for more

Why Children Belong in the Sanctuary

Many congregations today plan for children to be anywhere else rather than in the congregation’s worship. Sunday School is held at the same time. Children’s Churches are created to provide children with worship on their own level. (Some larger congregations provide a series children’s worship experiences for young children, older elementary children, and youth thus making what happens in the sanctuary "adult church." ) Still other congregations simply provide recreation activities to keep the children out of the sanctuary. click here for more.

Encourage Bible reading at home

Parents are the primary spiritual leaders in their child's life.

     Model the importance of bible study - Let your child see you reading your Bible
     Make sure everyone in the family has their own Bible
     Take your Bible to church and encourage your children to take their Bibles to church.
     Help your older children plan a specific time for their own personal quiet time.
     Use car rides or dinner conversation to discuss what they have been reading in the Bible.
     Do family devotionals -there are a lot on-line for free.