Scrip Gift Cards For Sale Again!

Sunday, November 17, 2019 Mission’s will once again begin taking orders for Scrip cards.

If you have never heard of Scrip cards, they are gift cards that you order in the Gathering Place on Sunday between 
worship services - 10:30 and 11:00 am. These are the same cards sold at Walmart, Lowes, HEB in addition to many others.

Why would I want to buy gift cards at church?

All money earned goes to support our Mission ministries such as Habitat, Agape, Fisher House, and Neighbors.

How does our church make money from gift cards you ask?

Our church gets a percentage of every card sold. Example: if you buy a Regal Theater card for $100, we get $8 (8%), Olive Garden, $8 (8%), Payless Shoes, $13 (13%), L.L. Bean, $16 (16%), etc. You still get the $100 on the card.

How do I know what cards are available?

Go to and check the retailer list under Quick Links at the bottom of the home page or stop by the table in the Gathering Place. There are over 730 retailers who participate such as Southwest Airlines, Walgreens, Walmart, HEB, Lowes, Home Depot, Subway, Old Navy, Hilton, IHOP, Amazon, and Avis Rental Car. This list shows retailers, denominations available and rebate (percentage earned).

This program costs you nothing except the time it takes to order a card. Buy cards only for places you normally shop. Look at your check book and credit card statement. Where do you spend your money? Plan ahead and buy cards for those retailers. We all buy groceries, gas, appliances. We go to restaurants and we travel, etc. Why not use gifts cards for money you are spending anyway to support Missions?

Christmas is coming and everyone loves getting gift cards.

Order your cards on Sunday and pick them up the next Sunday. We take cash or checks.

If you have questions call Ron Wood 210-884-7013 or Pat Ridenour 210-844-6615.

Thanks for your support.