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Celebrate Mother’s Day with
Windcrest United Methodist Church

We will be honoring all moms this Mother’s Day with a virtual picture album shown online during our live worship service on Sunday, May 10, 2020. Please send us a picture of your mom, or of you and your mom, mom and children, or the mom in your life, for the virtual picture album (please limit to five photos).

We know during this time you may not be able to spend the day with your mom, or your mom may not be here anymore. 

Some of us do not have children of our own, but love others like a mom. 

Some are foster moms. Adoptive moms. Neighbors. Friends. Mentors. Teachers. Coaches. Grandmas. Aunts. Sisters.

This Mother’s Day we will honor motherhood by celebrating our many moms, whether they’re stepmoms, or grandmothers, or other women who pour into our lives and leave us better for how they’ve left a loving influence.

Remember - We need your pictures by Friday, May 1, 2020. Send to

Please note: By submitting your file, you grant permission for Windcrest United Methodist Church to use your uploaded video for the Mother's Day project, and release all claims to the content and use of your likeness in the submitted media.