* Sunday School Helpers in each classroom
& Nursery
* Substitute Sunday School Teachers
* Hall Monitors

* Parking Lot Greeters

To volunteer, please see Dawn Crews.

Border Crisis Humanitarian Crisis Assistance

We all have been aware of the situation in the border with all the families being release daily and not having where to go, food, clothes (including underwear, socks, and shoelaces), and all the minimum necessities.
This is not a matter of political Point of views, it is a matter of making sure we are assisting those in greatest need. It is the right thing to do and WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!!!

Here is a quick summary,

Rio Grande Valley - 1600 people – families and unaccompanied minors – are crossing every day
Laredo – 150 people released daily by Customs and Border protection
Del Rio – 100 people released daily
Eagle Pass – 80 people release every night

The Health Ministries Committee At Windcrest United Methodist Church, along with the Wesley Nurse is joining in the cause of Humanitarian Crisis Assistance to assist the influx of immigrants coming to the United States. Windcrest United Methodist church has teamed up with United Methodist Committee on Relief to provide basic hygiene supplies to these families. We are asking if your business would be willing to donate one or more items on the below list to help us build these kits and send to our brothers and sisters in need.
Our goal is to make 300 kits by July 1st. Any quantity of items would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Please write down your name and quantity you will be donating. Updates will be posted as we progress. Please contact Daniela Kulyas at (210) 654-0404 for item(s) pick up or drop them off at the Windcrest United Methodist Church office.

Any one or more of the items on the list would help the cause immensely. Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!

300 hygiene Kits

Qty collected


hand towels







band aids



3oz bath soap (no ivovy or jergens)


Comb (6 in or longer)


metal nail file or clippers


toothpaste (or $1 to buy in bulk)


zip lock bags

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Pantry

From your grocery cart to your neighbors!

(Please Donate - Supplies are low)

In an effort to keep the Windcrest UMC pantry sufficiently stocked, we are asking for the following donations each month. These donations are then used to fill bags of these basic items which are kept in the office and given out to people when they are in immediate need of help—thus providing the only food they will have to eat.

First Sunday – Jelly
Second Sunday – Soup
Third Sunday – Pasta
Fourth Sunday – Canned Meat
Fifth Sunday – Canned Chili

If you feel led to help out, please consider these donations when you are out doing your grocery shopping. We will have a table or cart in the Gathering Place each Sunday to collect the items and stock the shelves of the pantry. Thank you so much for your help and support of our Neighbors Helping Neighbors ministry.

Thank you to everyone who has completed or began the new three-step Trusted Con Confianza Training. Windcrest UMC is committed to providing a safe environment that will nurture and protect all children, youth and vulnerable adults! 
There have been a few concerns about entering your social security number on the online registration form. You can call Safe Gatherings and register over the phone and then log on to do the online training.
The number to call is 1-888-241-8258 or you can email them at The step three trainings are listed online and there are many to choose from to include webinars from the comfort of your own home!

Mandatory Training